Resolving Deep Family Resentments

Resolving Deep Family Resentments

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Family life can be a minefield of high drama, miscommunication, and upset feelings. Often we feel hopeless to make any real changes in these long-held emotional patterns. What if there were a simple method that could radically and permanently transform your relationships with your parents, husband, wife, siblings, and children? What if it only involved asking four simple questions?

The Work of Byron Katie is a method now being used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In this process, stressful thoughts or beliefs are carefully examined by asking four questions, and the result is often profound insight and joy. Too good to be true? In this DVD collection, four stories of family life unfold as Katie guides each participant through The Work. A mother grieves about the grown son who refuses to see her, while another mother agonizes over the way one teenage son treats the other. A man judges his sister for wreaking havoc in the family, and a woman complains of her aging mother's resistance to improving her life.

"I like to say that reality is always kinder than the story," Katie tells one participant, "but only always. You can count on it." All four of these inquiries into family stories bear out the truth of this. Watch Katie guide both mothers into a state of openheartedness. Watch the man uncover how he stirs up trouble with over-the-top reactions-and not only to his sister. Finally, watch resistance dissolve in heartfelt laughter as the daughter realizes that her mother is perfect, just the way she is.

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