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Omega 2009



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This CD features Byron Katie doing The Work, at Omega Institute in April 2009. As you listen, Byron Katie invites you to be still and to contemplate, to open to these simple yet powerful questions and turnarounds for yourself.  It is our hope at Byron Katie International that you find peace through these dialogues and the answers that you yourself find.

Disc One: • “

  • "My husband had an affair and divided our family"”

Disc Two: •

  • "“I am frigid"” •
  • "“I am afraid of my vengeful thoughts"

”Disc Three: • “

  • "My father didn't give me the opportunity to be who I am"

”Disc Four: • “

  • "My son needs to get up from the couch and be productive"” •
  • Cookies, Children and Change • “
  • "My daughter does not want to be with me”" •
  • The Work working within

Disc Five: • “

  • "I am angry”" •
  • “"How do I do the Work on myself?"” • “
  • "My relationship ended because of me"” •
  • Anger and resentment •
  • and more