My Sister Is Dead. Who Am I?

My Sister Is Dead. Who Am I?

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In this video you may experience the essence of The Work of Byron Katie. As with all her work, you needn’t look very hard. It’s right there in front of you.

Katie conducts an inquiry into the beliefs of a woman whose sister died when the woman was only a girl of twelve. With her characteristic skillful means, Katie allows her to look deeply at that moment years ago, when she stood beside a cold steel table where her sister’s body lay, to feel what she felt and the beliefs that she formed.

Using The Work, she sees that the beliefs that took root then can be transformed in the present moment. The twelve-year-old girl’s “She should breathe” becomes the adult woman’s “I should breathe”—the truth.

Then this beautiful woman says to Katie, “Arguing with reality just doesn’t work.”

Katie’s gentle smile, at that startling moment,is all of us who can see through our beliefs to reality.

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