Love Stories for Fathers & Sons

Love Stories for Fathers & Sons

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Love Stories For Fathers & Sons

"Feelings are like the temple bells that remind you to question what you're believing," Katie says, "because it's stripping the awareness of love from you."

Anger, contempt, fear, sadness—rich feelings sound through this pair of dialogues as Katie, with her gentle fearlessness, facilitates men doing The Work on their fathers. Both stories echo with painful themes of abandonment and alienation.

If someone's father died when he was small and left a legacy of ugly stories, can the son teach himself what it means to be a man? Can he give his own son what he never got? What about the man whose alcoholic father abused him sexually? Can he achieve a life of balance?

Katie shows us again that no matter how sad or harsh a story seems, it's always just a story. And there's only one place to land after we travel through inquiry, only one thing we can be without our stories: pure love.

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