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Living With Cancer


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"Cancer is aggressive, uncaring, unconscious, greedy, self-absorbed, confused, and lost." These are the thoughts of a man who has already lost one eye to cancer and was recently told that his cancer is growing. Katie suggests that he apply this description to his own thoughts, his own mind. "Look how your mind attacks cancer. Cancer didn't do anything. It's just living its life." As this courageous man opens his mind to contemplate how he goes to war against a disease, Katie helps him see that loving what is is the only way to be healthy. Is it possible to love what is to the point of loving your disease? Can the mind be healed while the body is apparently unhealed? Can anyone truthfully say, "I don't want the cancer to stop growing?" Join us in this poignant and profound exploration as one man finds one amazing reason after another - slowly, deliberately, honestly - for why this is true for him.

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