Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

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What are you afraid of? For many people, it’s flying.

Maybe you suffer from this false belief: “"The plane’'s going to crash!”" You know it’'s not true. You'’ve read the statistics. Perhaps you'’ve been on some flights, sweating and dry-mouthed, and have learned that flying is—surprise!—safe. All the panic was for nothing. But how are you going to convince your body of that? How can you stop the painful fantasies that obsess you, possibly for weeks beforehand, every time you consider getting aboard a plane?

You can’'t command a false belief to leave you alone, but you can do The Work and watch that stressful thought loosen its grip and vanish when it sees it’'s lost its power over you. And what you’re left with is freedom: the freedom of loving reality.

The Work session on this video shows you how it’'s done. Byron Katie talks with a young man who is tired of the limitations that not flying puts on his life. In a friendly, humorous forty-minute session, Katie leads him through the four questions and the turnarounds that constitute The Work. With her amazing ability to pierce through defenses and reach the core issue, she gently turns him toward the reality that’'s going to shape his future travels. He’'s scrapped the plan that'’s based on the self-deception "“I am the man who'’s afraid to fly."” He'’s got a new identity: "“I am the man who'’s not afraid to fly.”"