Dyslexia: What A Gift!

Dyslexia: What A Gift!

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He'’s handsome, talented, smart, charming, and successful at a craft he loves——and he comes to Katie on the brink of tears, struggling to express himself. His problem: severe dyslexia. Through some unknown quirk in his brain'’s circuitry, he’'s incapable of reading or writing more than a few words at a stretch, achieved with agonizing struggle. He can barely write a check; when he tries to do so in a supermarket line, the folks behind him fidget impatiently, and someone asks, "“Are you stupid?"

It has ruined his life, he thinks. It has kept him away from other people and made him the object of scorn and misunderstanding. At school he was the despair of his parents and teachers, who tried everything they knew, with little result.

He sits with Katie and they talk. In front of a room full of people, he bravely reveals a hidden torment that none of the onlookers would have guessed at. And through The Work, he discovers that his dyslexia has been a blessing in his life, not a curse. His suffering hasn'’t come from dyslexia but from believing untrue thoughts——and there’'s plenty of time to undo them. With no-nonsense kindness and forthright humor, Katie helps him see his life not as ruined or tragically flawed, but as whole and perfect, with no mistake ever.

Maybe you are dyslexic, and maybe not. Maybe someone you care about is, and maybe not. As the audience at this session understood, Katie isn’'t talking about just one problem. What do you have, what does anyone have? Dyslexia of feelings, dyslexia of relationships, dyslexia of appetites? Investigate your thoughts about it with the help of this DVD.

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