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Catching Up With Reality


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Have you ever met your partner—, your children,— yourself? No one ever really has, and on this mind-blowing DVD Katie tells interviewer Josh Blau why. In a wide-ranging conversation inspired by Josh'’s reading of Katie'’s bestseller A Thousand Names for Joy, you'’ll learn why grief isn'’t necessary, and why it’'s good to have no hope. Have your view of life turned around as Katie questions whether we should prefer health to illness, or whether anything ever dies. Watch Katie and Josh share how they'’ve applied The Work expertly,— or not, —to raising triplets and visiting grandchildren. Along the way, you'’ll touch on every subject from interior design to Katie’'s definition of God. What is depression? What is the difference between pleasure and joy? What are addictions? Is it ever okay to lie? What is the purpose of feelings? How much suffering is enough? What is the cause of stress—, and does Katie ever feel stressed? With her compassionate blend of humor and seriousness, Katie reveals why she’'s a perfect lover. Don'’t miss her discussion of marriage. If The Work shows you how to love everyone, why marry just one person? And what is a person, anyway? Beginning with the first question of her Work, —“Is that true?”— Katie makes the most revolutionary insights seem like plain common sense. Hear answers you'’ll never forget, and catch up with the wonderful reality that is you.


Two DVD discs
Eco-friendly packaging