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2015-2016 New Year's Mental Cleanse Audio Files for iPod Nano, Shuffle, USB Drive, or Computer

Did you purchase
an iPod Shuffle or Nano?

Follow the "Load the files into iTunes" directions below and then follow Apple's instructions for syncing.

Did you purchase
a USB Drive?

The files came loaded onto your USB drive. You can follow the "Load the files into iTunes" directions below, starting with step 3. In step 5, select the files on the USB drive.

Did you purchase
download files?

Follow the "Load the files into iTunes" directions below.


How long will it take to download the files?

There are 37 files, which can be downloaded one at a time, or all 37 files can be downloaded as a .zip file. The size of the .zip file is ~1.5 GB.

Below is a chart estimating the download of the .zip file:

Download speed Download time
1 Mbit/s
2 Mbit/s
8 Mbit/s
10 Mbit/s
24 Mbit/s
80 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s


Can I copy the files and share with my friends?

The download of the files is a one-time download from our server. The audio is copy written material available for your individual use and may not be shared or reproduced without written permission from Byron Katie International, Inc.


Load the files into iTunes

  1. Click the "download files" button at the bottom of the email from via Hightail download service, which looks like this:
  2. You will download a .zip file with all of the audio files inside of it.
  3. To unzip the .zip file, double click the file.
  4. Note the location you saved the files.
  5. Open iTunes.
  6. File > Add to Library.
  7. Select the files you downloaded.
  8. Press enter or click "open."
  9. Your files have now been saved to iTunes.

Now that your files are in iTunes, you can sync play them from your computer, or you can sync them to your mobile device. (For an Apple product, follow Apple's instructions for syncing.)