My Brother is Dangerously Overweight With Byron Katie

My Brother is Dangerously Overweight With Byron Katie

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A woman whose brother is “dangerously overweight,” does not have visions of sugarplums dancing in her head when she thinks of him. She looks at his brimming dinner plate and can’t help but wonder if he and his wife ever discuss his “issue.”

Do you have critical or fearsome concepts that cause you to pass judgment on others? Negative unquestioned thoughts that we believe, create comparison and judgment. From there, our imaginations easily go wild!

Listen and find out how this woman finally comes to terms with “truth,” as Byron Katie encourages her to honestly examine her views of her brother. Katie says, “As we believe our negative judgments, our bodies take on the emotional stress that the judgments create. Our lack of compassion leaves us feeling guilty, confused, and in the long run, unable to stop. How powerful are our negative and unkind, unquestioned concepts? They create the world we live in.”

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