Leaving The War Zone

Leaving The War Zone

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If you had survived a terrorist attack on a bus, you might be afraid to ever get on a bus again. If you had lived through bombings of your city, you might keep hearing sirens in your head. And if you did, you would be the one setting off those sirens. You would be the one launching those attacks, fighting a war that you yourself planned.

If you started it, you can end it. If you can end your war, others can end theirs.

In these scenes from The Work in a war-ravaged country, Katie shows her audience how to stop terrorizing themselves once the explosions have stopped——and even while they are occurring.“

"The end of the war with the mind is the end of war,”" Katie says. The only true protection against war is the sanity that comes from questioning our stressful beliefs.

Whether you have been in a physical war, or are warring against the people around you or against yourself, this video will help you stop believing the things that frighten you. Then you will be a peacemaker——in your home, at your workplace, in your mind——and your example will help peace grow throughout the world.

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