Byron Katie at the Anat Baniel Method Center

Byron Katie at the Anat Baniel Method Center

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Special-Needs Children—The Work of Byron Katie

Anat Baniel, founder of the Anat Baniel Method, "noticed that there was profound suffering in the parents of special-needs children. There is not a person in the world who is prepared to have a child, never mind a child with special needs."

Anat did The Work with Byron Katie at Esalen Institute a year ago and now brings The Work to her community of parents, family, and providers of special-needs children.

Katie begins by helping the participants fill out a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and question their stressful thoughts so that they can be more in touch with their children, themselves, and the world. They start filling out the Worksheet by finding a moment when they looked at their child, or another person, and felt that something was "off."

Katie does The Work with a mother on her Worksheet concepts: "My son is going to be late for school." "My son needs to be more mature." "My son is defiant." Through inquiry, the woman discovers, to her astonishment, that reality is entirely different from what she thought it was.