Abuse: What Forgiveness Really Looks Like

Abuse: What Forgiveness Really Looks Like

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“"My mother knowingly allowed me to be physically abused.”"

A beautiful woman with a successful career, a wonderful partner, and a second child on the way has lived with memories of fear and violence since early childhood.

How does a person live with that kind of history? How can she let it go? Listen to Katie facilitate this woman as she inquires into her thoughts and sees that there is a way to approach pain in a healing spirit instead of a hardening one. Learn from her that you can know your own capacity to love rather than retreat into a defensive shell.

When we investigate the stressful thoughts that cause suffering, our minds open and then our hearts. When we don'’t shut down we find that life is love. Without forgetting or denying the reality of what happened, an abuse victim can recover her integrity as a person who can bring joy to herself and others.